Nerta Hydro Ceramic Wax 5L

Nerta Hydro Ceramic Wax 5L

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HYDRO CERAMIC WAX is an innovative new kind of wax with ceramic characteristics.

The strong hydrophobic properties of this product lead to an excellent beading of the final rinse water. Thanks to the faster runoff we have a better overall drying result. 

The wax creates a shield of protection which will safe guard the vehicles surface from the UV light and will slow down the process of oxidation substantially. Moreover it creates a protective layer that is resistant against acidic rain. 

The vehicle stays longer cleaner between washes. The ceramic wax makes it more difficult for static dirt and mud to stick to the vehicle. Finally, the HYDRO CERAMIC WAX will leave a deep gloss and shine to the paint of the vehicle. 


- Deep Gloss and Shine

- Better Drying Result

- Protective Layer

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use at ratio 1:100 in a foaming system or spray bottle


Note: This product is also available in 25L and 200L sizes, please email if you wish to purchase more than 5L. Thank you.

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