Farmers Pro Pack

Farmers Pro Pack

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Create thick foam and enjoy the perks of touchless washing with Farmr Pro Pack! This pack includes Powerwash Foamer, Tap n Cap & 25L Nerta Active Diamond Soap.

Powerwash Foamer:  

  • Bottle capacity: 1L 
  • Fun, fast and easy to use
  • Creates a very thick layer of foam
  • Simply attaches to your pressure washer
  • Adjustable spraying width

Nerta Active Diamond: 

  • super concentrated, strong alkaline exterior cleaner
  • effortlessly removes the heaviest soils

Tap n Cap

  • easy and monitored dispensing

We recommend this product for use on earthmoving gear, agricultural equipment, chemical sprayers, trailers, cattle crates etc

This product is safe on all paints, chrome and dura-brites. However, this is not suitable for mirror polish, aluminium or stainless steel as the product could leave a white veil or stain. Please contact us for more information and/or tailored recommendations. 


Mixing Ratios:  Pour product in neat 

Cleaning:  Foam from the bottom to the top. Allow to dwell for around 1 minute.

Rinsing: Rinse any excess soap from the top to the bottom.


Avoid letting the product dry on the vehicle, should this happen please re-foam to reactivate the soap and wash off as per the above instructions.

*Price Excludes GST and Shipping Cost 

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