Wash and Wax 500ml

Wash and Wax 500ml

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NERTA WASH AND WAX is a pH neutral concentrated car shampoo with wax effect.
The shampoo releases dirt and grime from the surface to safely clean your car for a streak-free shine. Bring the shine back to your car with every wash! Nerta wash and wax are developed to improve the shine of your bodywork. Excellent product to wash your car by hand with a wash mitt. Features:
• pH-neutral shampoo
• High Gloss
• Safe for Paint

Instruction for use: 

1. Pre-rinse the vehicle to remove loose dirt.
2. Mix 50ml in a bucket of water
3. Wash the surface using a wash mitt or sponge
4. Rinse using clean water
5. Dry with Nerta Maxi Drytowel


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