About Us


Powerwash is the leading Fleetwash specialist in New Zealand. Washing over 35,000 trucks per year we know a lot about the most effective wash methods and products.

Through our association with Nerta (Belgium) we have become the Master Distributor for New Zealand for the Nerta range of truckwash products. 

We use our in house knowledge of soap foaming systems to supply our customers with the best foaming systems. These can be used in combination with the Nerta range of soaps.

Powerwash's Mission is to make the task of keeping your fleet clean- more simple and cost effective.

Our Nerta NZ soap sales division supplies the cleaning chemicals for do it yourself. Our Powerwash fleetcare division supplies the foaming systems and equipment for your wash bay, and gives you the option to outsource the cleaning task to us.



Nerta is the leading independent manufacturer of professional cleaning products. Nerta have built up their reputation over 45 years developing and manufacturing cleaning chemicals for the car and truck wash market that generate excellent results.

Nerta's activities are not limited to car and truck wash products. They have developed a vast product range of cleaning chemicals and disinfection products for the food/hygiene industry, agriculture and for various professional applications.

Nerta is made and produced in Belgium. With products are distributed to over 60 countries worldwide, now including New Zealand!


Call us today 0800 115 191 

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