Nerta AirFresh 20L

Nerta AirFresh 20L

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NERTA AIR FRESH masks and/or neutralizes unpleasant smells.

AIR FRESH presents a highly efficient, water-soluble, concentrated odor neutralizer suitable for diverse applications including households, automotive care, sanitation, and pet environments. It eliminates unpleasant odors such as ammonia, smoke, mercaptane, hydrogen sulfide, amines, and more from the air.

Non-toxic, non-microbiocidal, and environmentally friendly, AIR FRESH is easily biodegradable.

Ideal for use within the transportation sector to deodorize bulk carriers or trucks, as an additive for refreshing car interiors, and as a deodorizer in carwash facilities where recycled water odors can be bothersome.

Available in a range of appealing fragrances including Apple, Eucalyptus, Exotic, Mint, Orange, and Vanilla, AIR FRESH offers a refreshing solution to combat unpleasant odors effectively.

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