Wash bay set up

Transform your wash bay into a touchless Foaming Solution. 

We can transform any waterblaster set up into a foam on then blast off wash solution. Drivers simply foam the Nerta Soap onto their vehicle, let dwell for 1-2 minutes then Waterblast off. This process alone removes 90-95% of all road film leaving you a clean fleet image in very little time. Scrubbing is optional but not necessary.

- Expect to half your wash time

- Expect better wash results

- Control wash bay costs- using the Nerta way method wash costs are under $2 per truck washed.

- Low Cost-  Wash bay transformation solutions start from as little as $240, don't delay, start washing the Nerta Way today!


What is Touchless Cleaning? 

Touchless vehicle cleaning is the application of custom designed chemicals under high pressure in the form of thick foam, followed by high pressure water to wash.

​Requirements include a pressure washer (either commercial or domestic depending on your requirements), a high pressure foaming applicator and a chemical that has been specifically designed for touchless cleaning.


​Why touchless cleaning?

Cleans any vehicle in less than half of the time.

Much easier wash method for your drivers

Leaves a superior wash result

Saves on product (25L cleans 150 Tractor units).

Avoids scratching paint and protect your paint with these soft wash products.

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