How to Wash a truck in under 15 minutes without a Broom, For less than $2


Have a water blaster? Want to turn it into a machine that can produce foam at the trigger, and also blast, cutting your wash time into half?

The Team at Nerta New Zealand have teamed up with Suttner Solutions to provide you with with the foaming injectors and rollover lances as seen in the video above. We simply install a foaming injector into your waterblaster which we have specced for your machine, this allows your waterblaster to turn Nerta soap into foam with out using a foamer bottle. A Suttner rollover lance is supplied which allows the user the switch from foam to waterblasting at the twist of the trigger. Soap dosage is controlled by a dosing nipple at the end of the soap line, typically we set it up at 1/100 meaning the soap lasts a very long time.

With a Suttner injector and rollover lance kit we transform your waterblaster into an efficient fleet washing solution. Foam soap on, let dwell for one minute, then Blast off!! Washing trucks and machinery will never be the same!


Contact us today for a Free Demo or to have a Rollover lance and injector kit installed into your machine.



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