Fleetwash NZ Microfiber Towel 5 Pack (50cm x 60cm)

Fleetwash NZ Microfiber Towel 5 Pack (50cm x 60cm)

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A superb cleaning cloth with a knitted construction of microfibers to provide excellent dust and water pickup with no linting. May be used dry or damp, with or without cleaning chemicals, on a wide variety of substrates including delicate surfaces. Saves money; the reusable cloth is machine washable many, many times.

TIP: Care must be taken not to cross contaminate microfiber towels with materials that can stick to the towel like metal shavings or debris from the floor. Microfiber is great for what they do, but they are like a magnet. Microfiber cloths and towels should not be used for cleaning with harsh chemicals like solvents, degreasers and thinners – best to use shop rags.

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